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Worldwide British Female Voice Over Artist, Janine Cooper-Marshall.  Clear, confident, warm & engaging.  Voiceovers for Radio & TV commercials, explainers, corporates, IVR, e-learning.  Studio located in Cardiff, Wales, UK. 

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Janine has been working regularly as a voiceover artist since 2001, after recording a voice reel at Bernard Shaw’s studio in Kent.  He liked her reading of “Leeds Castle” enough to add it to the CD accompanying his book Voiceovers – A Practical Guide” (2000).  “I was very flattered to be featured amongst some very experienced voiceover artists, and it gave me the push needed to set up my voiceover business”.

Over the years, Janine has worked for many radio stations and production companies throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.   As well as hundreds of radio commercials and a few TV commercials, she has voiced many on-hold telephone systems, gaining both new and repeat clients on a regular basis.  She also voices training modules on everything from health and safety, equality and diversity, to hygiene and infection control.  Corporates and explainers are a regular part of her voiceover business too.  She enjoys the challenge of voicing in a wide variety of styles and loves creating new character voices, too.

Janine’s voice has been described as “lovely and warm with a great tone”.  Her natural speaking voice has a slight Welsh lilt due to her upbringing in Cardiff, although she was born in Ashford in Kent, and can just as easily do an RP accent as a Welsh one.  In fact, the majority of her work currently is in neutral/RP.    Versatility is key, with her voice ranging from early 20s to 50s, though it sits naturally within the 35 – 45 range.





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Tel: +44(0)7974 781785